In 1868, Round Lake, NY began as a “camp meeting” town, with as many as 20,000 gathering to hear rousing summer sermons.  By the late 1800s, the town evolved into a Chautauqua-style educational resort, complete with hotels, museums, and lecture halls.

Round Lake's literal and figurative center was the Auditorium.  From a rough platform in a tree grove, it grew to an open-sided building with canvas flaps, and, in 1912, to the glass-enclosed pavilion we see today.  Falling into ruin by the 1950s and nearly bulldozed, the Auditorium is now lovingly restored with modern amenities, creating a cultural venue of rustic architectural beauty.

The Auditorium’s crown jewel is a Gothic Revival-cased Tracker organ.  Built in 1847 and moved to Round Lake in 1888, the 1900-pipe organ is the oldest and largest of its kind in the United States, and in 2017 was listed as a National Historic Landmark.

The Round Lake Auditorium continues its summer tradition with a full range of cultural offerings.  Concerts, performances, art shows, and social activities grace the 450-seat space, from June through September, weather permitting.   Intimate in ambience but large enough to attract significant programming, the Auditorium is a unique, historic venue for any event.


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